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Weather Surveillance Network!

Whether you are looking for a single monitoring site or a robust network, cyclonePORT has you covered with a wide array of solutions.

  • Remote Camera Control
  • Real-Time Sensor Updates
  • Flexible Deployment Solutions
  • Robust Mobile & Desktop User Interface
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cyclonePORT Flexibility

Flexible Camera Solutions

Deploy high quality PTZ IP cameras with an easy plug and play setup. Multiple IP cameras can be supported with any cyclonePORT station.


WiFi or direct Ethernet connection capable. Customize settings, giving the option to set static IP configuration if required.

Data Logging

System administrators will have the ability to look at historical sensor data using a robust chart viewer within RadarOmega.

Sensor Data

Custom-built sensor housing system, providing the ability to capture accurate temperature, humidity, dewpoint & pressure data. These housings are built in a manner to allow efficient airflow for accurate environmental sensor readings.

Wind Data

Flexible wind data logging solutions for real-time wind speed & direction. Hardware compatibility includes the Davis external windvane/anemometer attachment and the RainWise MiniAerVane Anemometer/Vane sensor.

Remote System Maintenance & Control

Robust remote toolkit to maintain and control the system from any location using RadarOmega.
-Remote Control Camera Zoom/Rotation
-Remote System Updates
-Remote Relay Control